Grenergy debuts today in the Continuous market

Your shares will start trading on the stock exchange afternoon

Grenergy, a company specialized in development, construction and management of wind and photovoltaic projects and producer of renewable energy, will enter the Continuous market today, with the only operation entering the Spanish Stock Exchange in 2019.

Grenergy will debut today in the Continuous market in the listing mode at the price of Friday’s market close, whose record was 16.10 euros per share at the end of the session. It will not be until 12 noon today when the company’s shares begin to be publicly traded, with prior auction.

The company already has more than 1,400 shareholders after the placement of shares that Grenergy carried out last week, in which the free float, which is the capital that circulates freely in the market, already reaches approximately 32%.

Grenergy has multiplied its profits by three during the first half of 2019, reaching 8.8 million euros.

Grenergy revaluation and growth

Grenergy is one of the most revalued companies of the Spanish Stock Exchange after its entry into the Alternative Stock Market in 2015, since it has managed to multiply its value more than 12 times. In just four years, this value has gone from 31 million to more than 400.

In addition, Grenergy has multiplied its profits by three during the first half of 2019, reaching 8.8 million euros. This growth represents a profit per share of 0.72 euros and a PER (price-benefit ratio) multiplied by 10. The registered EBITDA was 12.1 million in the first months of the year, being 134% more than in the same period of the previous year. Due to its art, turnover doubled to 55.5 million euros until June.

Also since 2015, the company has gone from having 300 MW to operate more than 4,000 MW , of which only this year has incorporated 1,500 MW.

David Ruiz de Andrés, CEO of Grenergy:

“With our imminent exit to the Continuous Market we strengthen our position as a leading actor in the renewable energy sector while expanding our shareholder base and offering greater liquidity to shareholders.”